Asia Cafe

Served Daily until 3:00pm
Served with Fried Rice, Egg Roll and free soda or soup


 LB1.*  Kang Pao Chicken
 LB2.*  Hunan Chicken
 LB3.   Chicken w. Boccoli
 LB4.   Sweet & Sour Chicken
 LB5.*  Twice Cooked Pork
 LB6.*  Hunan Pork
 LB7.*  Moogolian Pork
 LB8.*  Szechuan String Beans
 LB9.*  Hunan Mixed Vegetables
 LB10. Combination Lo Mein or Fried Rice


 LB11.* General Tso's Chicken
 LB12.  Sesame Chicken
 LB13.* Rice Noodle or Ho Fun
 LB14.* Hunan Shrimp
 LB15.  Shrimp with Vegetables
 LB16.  Shrimp Chow Mein
 LB17.  Pepper Steak
 LB18.  Beef with Broccoli
 LB19.* Hunan Beef
 LB20.* Mongolian Beef
 LB21.  Triple Delight

Menu and Price Subject To Change Without Notice
Price Does NOT Include Sales Tax